About Bundu Fresh

Founded in 2018 in the age where acquiring clean and fresh produce is no easy task. We developed a company that reduces excessive human contact, is sustainable, only uses recycled materials, and enables people to earn an income without working a 9-5. 

3 things that make us tick!

So first off we are a remote company (no physical office). We communicate in real-time with clients, suppliers, and potential customers. Our delivery times rival most logistical companies in Zimbabwe. We source our products from local farmers and manufacturers. 

Tech based



We Are Your Choice!

We guarantee hygiene, speedy delivery, amazing customer service, and the best products in the arena. With amazing staff we are here to serve you!


To everyone that reads this, don’t ever stop dreaming as those dreams will become real if you just try.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

Pablo Picasso